It is the policy of the Management on behalf of the board of directors of AES Mong Duong Power Co. Limited, a 1200 MW BOT Coal Fired Power Plant, to be fully committed to the achievement of high standards of Environmental performance, which reflect its commitment to the environment as part of the Company’s shared values. AES MONG DUONG business leaders are encouraged to develop a balanced approach to meeting these guidelines; one that considers all environmental standards and requirements, as well as the needs of all stakeholders (including social and other needs of the local community).

The aim of this policy is to protect the natural environment and to avoid unnecessary liabilities. We believe that environmental objectives are extremely important and implementation of the arrangement is a key line management responsibility. People are the key to our success and the co-operation and participation of all members of the workforce and of our contact service providers is crucial to the successful implementation of this policy.

We aim to achieve this policy by:

  • Adopting an Environmental Management System
  • Adopting clear accountability to support its implementation
  • Establishing a balanced business approach regarding our environmental management

In particular our arrangements will ensure that we:

  1. Meet or where practical, exceed the most stringent requirements of all relevant environmental legislation and industry standards and codes of practice imposed by Applicable Standard from Local and International Environmental Requirements, by participating financial institutions and by the AES Corporate Global Environmental Standards.
  2. Strive to continually improve environmental performance at Mong Duong 2 BOT Thermal Power Plant by routinely assess the effects of current and future activities
  3. Implement methods & measures to identify hazards, prevent pollution and minimize possible detrimental environmental impacts (air, soil, surface water, underground water, biodiversity, ecology system, vibration and noise)
  4. Reduce and where feasible eliminate discharge emissions and waste that may have an adverse effect on the environment.
  5. Communicate this Policy to all people working at AES MONG DUONG, Contractors, suppliers, visitors and other interested parties.
  6. Make short and long range planning decisions on additional expenditures based on an evaluation of the local, regional, and global environment where the term “environment” is broadly defined as, “the external surroundings or conditions within which people live, including ecological, economic, and social and all other factors that determine quality of life and standard of living.”